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August 09 2007

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Nach der Grenze(Das erste Pils von Dutzenden, zur Belohnung fuer den Stress bei der illegalen Einreise)
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Vor der Grenze

How to hack the czech border

with a bicycle and googlemaps:

1. Try to enter the country on a regular bordercrossing. If the officials complain about your expired passport, pretend you thought it was still valid another 5 years, as in most other european countries.
You won't convince them if you foolishly didn't tell them you would go back to austria the same day, otherwise you may have luck and they'll let you pass. Time for Plan B

2. Pretend you would go back to the next district town
to get an emergency passport the other day(Of course it is weekend) but since it is highly unlikely you would get one as you temporarily don't even have enough money on your bankaccount to pay for it(not to mention the requirements) and you don't want to loose another day, you turn on your smartphone and start googlemaps to check the next best spot to cross the green border. If you are lucky, there are two streets on both side of the border, if you're not you should prepare for an hard hike through the woods. You should also be prepared that you might be stopped by soldiers patrolling the border.

3. Get away from the border zone as fast as possible as you never know if there's no patrol strolling around.

4. Pat yourself on the shoulder and get yourself a cold Pilsen at the next best place.

5. Try to avoid any confrontation with the police, you may get into serious trouble if they catch you, as you're an illegal alien now. If you are controlled, claim that you're going back to austria the same day. I may tell you next time what happens if they don't believe you or won't let you go anyway.

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